Tell us about yourself: Kareen Satorre, 28, Customer Service Representative & Social Media Manager Where are you headed?: Baguio City, Philippines What’s in your suitcase?: Buttoned down polo, cardigan, shawl/scarf, shorts, a pair of slippers, notebook for note-taking, vintage wallet, laptop & shades. Kareen blogs at   “What’s in Your Suitcase”  is a weekly…Continue Reading “What’s in Your Suitcase?: Baguio Getaway”

If you’re headed to Baguio, don’t miss dining at Hillstation Restaurant.  Set in the old ballroom of the newly renovated Casa Vallejo, the fine dining restaurant serves traditional Pinoy comfort food as well as colonial classics. The grand staircase leads down to the old ballroom which was frequented by Baguio socialites back in the day….Continue Reading “Baguio: Dining at Hillstation Restaurant”