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Free Admission at the Ayala Museum

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Why not visit a museum, free of charge! Makati residents are usually charged Php150 (for ground to third floor galleries) and  Php225 (for all galleries) while non-residents,  Php350 and Php425, respectively. So this is a great chance to see the Masters for free. Current exhibitions are Pioneers of Philippine […]

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Manila Traffic

So I just got back from Aklan and let me tell you, that trip just added to the ten thousand posts that I need to start writing ASAP.  I know, I know… my mountain of backlog is just piling up! Bad blogger.  Bad, bad blogger! Seriously, it was such a wonderful and refreshing trip that […]

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Dapitan: Manila’s Christmas Street

Infatuated as I was with Barcelona’s Christmas street, there’s really no place like home. And nothing compares to the joy I feel whenever I visit Manila’s very own Christmas street– the mecca of craft/home-decor bargain-hunters– Dapitan Shopping Arcade or simply, Dapitan. I recently visited Dapitan with my fellow Dapitan pilgrim, Nanay. We braved the Sunday […]

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