Hotels and Lodging,  Malaysia

Hotels: Number Twenty Guest House, Melaka

I have three words for Number Twenty: 

  1. surot (bedbugs)
  2. sungit (rude)
  3. ingay (noise)

This hostel is a good concept that failed in execution.  It may be very cheap, but then again, you get what you pay for.  It’s easy to get drawn to its seemingly perfect, Ikea-furnished interior but it’s a whole different story when you’ve actually checked in. I won’t get into details because just thinking about it exhausts me. Suffice it to say that if getting eaten alive by bedbugs is your thing, then go ahead, knock yourself out.


  • polmangilog

    Mabes, you said it! We chose this one because it looked homey. The bed even looked like our bed at home. But we were really disappointed. The host/manager was really masungit. Para bang it was such a drag that we were there. Tapos it was really noisy at night. Plus the ultimate horror of them all- we couldn’t sleep because of the bedbugs. What a shame!