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What’s in your Suitcase?: Guimaras and Isla Gigantes Adventure

bugsy backpack pt
Tell us about yourself:

I am Bugsy del Rosario, a lawyer by profession but a raketeer by choice! I love the great outdoors that’s why I trained to be a responsible mountaineer as well as a SCUBA diver. I don’t blog, since I know I don’t have the discipline for it so what I do is just post pictures of my different adventures and travels. I believe that it is truly more fun in the Philippines and that we have the best beaches the the earth can offer!

Where were you headed?:

I was headed to Iloilo and Guimaras because I have never been to those places. The original plan was to spend two days in Iloilo Proper and 2 days in Guimaras. But 2 days before we left Manila we decided to scrap those plans and head on over to Isla Gigantes, also in Iloilo but in the northern territory. It was a great adventure cause all in one day, in order to get to Isla Gigante, we had to ride a plane to Iloilo, ride a van to Estancia and then ride a boat to the island! We had to take all forms of travel just to get to our destination! One whole day was spent in Guimaras for a day tour, no more island hopping since we were hopped out already at Isla Gigantes. The plan to see Iloilo Proper… well that got scrapped. Iloilo turned out to be our jump off point to get to Isla Gigantes and Guimaras!

What’s in your suitcase?

2 dry-fit shorts
Swimming attire
1 set of pantulog
2 shirts
Undergarments,  exact number for a 4-day trip. Pwede maglaba kung magkulang!!!
Dry-bag, ecobag, camera, sunblock sachets, chargers, aquazorb travel towel
Not in picture is my dive mask, snorkel and 1L Nalgene water bottle
I washed the shorts that I went to Iloilo in as my return shorts as well.
I use a large Paccube travel case to store my clothes in so that my backpack is organized.
Had to pack light cause I didn’t have any check-in luggage for the trip. But I was able to pack-in lotsa delicacies as pasalubong, with 4 pieces of guimaras mangoes. All safely tucked in my 33L TNF recon pack.

“What’s in Your Suitcase”  is a bi-monthly post featuring how travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts pack. If you’re interested to contribute, send me a photo of your suitcase, a short description of who you are, what you do, where you’re headed and what’s in your suitcase, and email me at

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  1. Hello!!! Can I get your actual itinerary for Isla de Gigantes and Guimaras? Planning to go there this January. Thank you!

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