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Mt. Kinabalu: A Flyby to Remember

A few years ago, when the business of budget flights to nearby Asian destinations was still at its infancy, I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do a Mount Kinabalu flyby aboard a  tiny Cessna. I was transitioning from freelance writing and directing  to working as a regular slave when the offer to write the pilot […]

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KL’s Hop-On Hop-Off Experience

Some hard core travellers would tell you that hopping on a tourist bus is a waste of time and money. By ‘hard core’ I mean backpackers on their thirdorfourth round-the-world trip who consider such things as expensive tourist traps. Why not just go around the city on your own? they would say. Why spend money […]

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Malaysia: Ikea, baby!

Before going back to Manila, we just had to stop by the Swedish furniture company, Ikea. The last time I was in Ikea, it was still squatting in the basement of One Utama.  But now, it has a space all its own in Damansara. It’s quite a long way from downtown KL but it’s worth […]

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Malaysia: KL Sentral

  One of the things that really impressed me about Malaysia was the amazing transport system.  It’s so efficient that there’s  hardly any reason to be late to your appointment or get lost along the way.  Everything is accessible and affordable, even the cabs.   One particular place that I love is KL Sentral, Malaysia’s […]

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