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Scaling La Scala Sancta

Perhaps one of the highlights of my trip to Europe last year was the unexpected, albeit very profound visit to La Scala Sancta or The Holy Stairs in Rome. My group had no scheduled tour that afternoon so we had time to go sightseeing around Rome. We ended up at La Scala Sancta, located in […]

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A Pinay Traveller in Vietnam

*PT Note: Another funny article from my friend Divine Love Salvador. I’m re-posting it here, but for more of her culinary adventures, visit her blog at Bogchi ni Bochog.   BIKES, BEEF SOUP, AND THE BALINGKINITAN RATIO: Ho Chi Minh and the Concept of Scale   In Vietnam, balingkinitan seems to be the norm. In […]

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travel a la pinay

travel |ˈtravəl| verb ( -eled , -eling ; also chiefly Brit. -elled, -elling) 1 [ intrans. ] make a journey, typically of some length or abroad : we have been traveling from Batangas to Calapan for nearly two hours

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