Asia | Philippines

The Beauty of the Philippines in Video

It’s always a treat to see my country through the eyes of foreign visitors. I needed to see this video today, especially now that everyone seems divided over the national elections. I needed a reminder of how beautiful my country is and how absolutely lucky I am to be living here right at this moment […]

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Europe | London

London Apartment Calling

We’ve been attempting to heed London’s call since my sister-in-law Dean got married more than five years ago and moved to that part of the world.  But the few chances that we had were slim to begin with, what with Ignacio always getting in the way. 😉   This year seems more promising, though. We […]

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Solo Travel for Women on the Rise

When I started travelling solo some 25 years ago, it was still uncommon to see a woman on her own. Men would leer at me and ask me uncomfortable questions just because I was alone. Once, on a 4-day bus trip from Manila to Davao, I was left behind by my bus during a stopover […]

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