Pinay Traveller Recommends #17: Galapagos Safari Camp


I’m not really into safari trips. Maybe because I associate it with hiking or mountain-climbing which, to be honest, I find too tedious.Β  I don’t know. I’m more of a beach person.Β  And maybe it’s my age talking but I’d really rather sit, sip coffee and watch the sunset, preferably overlooking the Mediterranean sea. But seeing Ecuador’s Galapagos Safari Camp made me… well…interested. Before you laugh, have you seen their rustic, camp-inspired rooms?Β  It’s like girl-scouting in style.

deck 179711 179701 galapagos safari camp 2 Tent-interior galapagos safari camp 5 bedroom-view galapagos safari camp 3 Tent-Balcony galapagos safari camp 8 Wake-up-to-a-view galapagos safari camp 6 Morning-coffee

I could float on this inifinity pool forever. If I knew how to swim, that is.

galapagos safari camp 4 Pool-and-a-View

Plus, the rooms come with the requisite rainbow. πŸ˜‰

pool rainbow galapagos safari camp 9 lodge-outside-view 6 Dining-Room

The best part is, there are only 9 rooms so the place is pretty secluded.

camp 12 Your Panorama Terrace camp 11 Relax in the Lounge

You’re in the middle of wilderness but camping in a plush tent.Β  Now that’s something I can do.

Visit Galapagos Safari Camp here.


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