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Speaking of Dedon Island…

I must admit that the only thing I know about Dedon is this:

Dedon Nestrest

The very cozy-looking Nestrest is one of Dedon’s signature pieces and has won Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award in 2011. The furniture company specializes in outdoor and lounge furniture and has been in the business for twenty years! I know this because I see their campaign all the time on Dwell, my favorite design magazine.

Dedon’s creator, Bobby Dekeyser, is a lover of the outdoors. In an interview in Italian Vogue, he says it was love at first sight when he first set foot on the island (formerly Pansukian Tropical Resort) that was going to be the furniture company’s Outdoor Living Lab.  It’s the ultimate in luxury, he says, set against the magnificent beauty of Siargao, Philippines.

dedon surf

“I had found paradise at an hour’s flight, “in the middle of nowhere”: a dream life that is priceless”, says Dekeyser. It is a place where to “appreciate a convivial environment and savor the pleasures of live, kindness is what is most needed.”


dedon island 1






dedon island 3


Dedon Island looks very luxe indeed!  But Dekeyser didn’t just envision an island paradise.  He also dreamed of helping the community around Siargao, so that Dedon can work with local farmers so they themselves can become self-sustainable.  Perhaps this attempt at philanthropy (self-serving as it may sound)  is what makes Dedon Island so appealing to me.

Incidentally, a night at Dedon Island costs between US$800-1,200!  Clearly out of a poor Pinay traveller’s price range.  But one can always dream, right?

See more of Dedon Island here.

*All photos courtesy of Dedon.



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