Pinay Traveller Recommends #19: The Daniel Airstream Hotel

Smart Luxury…this is the phrase coined by Hotel Daniel to describe its brand. And this extends to their adorable trailer hotel in Vienna.

For 112 Euros a night, you get to stay in this 16 square meter Silver Creek Clipper Airstream circa 1952.

hotel-daniel-airstream-8-cropped The Airstream can be found in the garden adjacent to the hotel.



It comes with the same amenities you will find in the regular rooms: fluffy towels, airconditioning, heating, flat screen TV and even WIFI!




700_hotel-daniel-airstream-3 And since this hotel was designed by professional boat interior designers, some of the fixtures and elements are reminiscent of a boat. Such as these two fold out bunk beds.


700_hotel-daniel-airstream-1 But the best feature for me is this full sized free standing bathtub complete with a view! Just lovely!


This reminds me of the cool Airstreams I posted about here.

See more of the Daniel Airstream here.

All photos courtesy of Daniel.

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