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PinayTraveller Recommends: Bohemian Luxury in Greece

August 29, 2014


We will momentarily leave our Spain series to go to the island of Mykonos in Greece,  to a beautiful bohemian hotel located just 300 meters from the world-famous Paradise Club. Called San Giorgio, it is part of the Design Hotels community and is targeted for people “who seek simple pleasures like waking up to views of the sea, sharing good food prepared with love and care, and feeling the euphoric energy of a crowd dancing under a starry sky.”  Wait… that’s me!:) So here’s  a set of photos featuring this luxury hotel in Greece for your eyes and imagination to feast on. Enjoy!

Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-2 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-25 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-24 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-23 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-22 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-19 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-18 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-17 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-16 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-15 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-14 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-13 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-12 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-11 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-10 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-9 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-8 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-7 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-6 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-5 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-4 Hotel-San-Giorgio-Mykonos-Greece-3 Isn’t this hotel just lovely? Learn more about San Giorgio here.  Have a great weekend, everyone!   pinaytraveller signature

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