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Lake Como: The Lowdown

This guest post makes me want to book a flight to Italy! No wonder George Clooney bought a villa here 11 years ago! One of Italy’s lakes, the majestic and tranquil Lake Como can be found in the heart of Lombardy in Northern Italy, and while it’s neighbour, Lake Garda, offers a more tourist-inspired retreat, […]

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12 Hours in Florence

In contrast to the sunny Tuscan landscape that I had been daydreaming of for years, the Tuscany that welcomed us was wet and dreary. I was with my team,  filming a documentary in Rome. But a couple of days before our shoot wrapped up, we had an opportunity to make a side trip to Florence, […]

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One Fine Day in Rome

We almost didn’t make it, my team and I.  We received our Schengen Visa just two days before our scheduled flight, and our plane tickets mere hours before takeoff.  Everything, it seemed, was against our going to Rome to cover the historic canonization of the country’s second saint, San Pedro Calungsod.  But with his intercession, […]

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Riding the Iron Horse

The first and last time I travelled long-distance by train (and by long distance, I mean more than a hundred kilometers) was three years ago, going to Assisi from Rome, Italy.  My crew and I just arrived at the Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino from Manila, sleep-deprived with body clocks six hours ahead of […]

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