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Widespread Cuteness in the Streets of Rome


Italians love their cars, especially the luxe kind. But it is not the Alfa Romeos, Maseratis, Lamborghinis or the Ferraris that make my heart skip a beat.

In Rome, mini cars rule! You’ll see them everywhere… zipping by the narrow cobble stoned streets like bumblebees on streroids…

a minivan!

Shoved Parked in slots that could only accomodate Vespas…


Innocently hiding behind bushes…

Parked right in the middle of the road in support of non-conformity…

Or just quietly contemplating on life and love…

Baby, you can read my car! But can someone translate?


Side note:
Later, I found out that in Rome, mini cars or micro cars that have 50cc engines are classified as mopeds so a person does not need a driver’s license in order to drive one. As an alternative to mopeds, parents see mini cars as a safer way for their teenaged children to get around. Thus, the number of mini cars have steadily risen over the years. I can’t blame them. If Hubby and I were living in Italy (and if we could afford it), we would definitely get a Fiat 500. We are so fond of Italian mini cars that we bought a Fiat Uno some years ago. Just 1000cc, the Uno is a reliable ride that will take you from point A to B with the least amount of gasoline. Incidentally, as a testament to his undying love for Fiat, Hubby had the Fiat Abarth emblem TATTOOED on his left leg. I kid you not. That’s just how crazy he is. For Fiat.


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  1. Love the pics! The Reads have a smart car btw =)

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Thanks, Inge. Yup, we remembered them nga eh.:)

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