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Footnote: Camino Ignaciano Begins

  Our walk began just before autumn slowly turned everything yellow and gold. We arrived in Loyola between summer and fall. My pristine (and very pink) walking shoes were greeted by the freshly trimmed leaves on the ground. The air was a bit chilly, making waking up in the morning a very difficult task. But […]

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JesCom invites pilgrims to join Camino Ignaciano

If you’re into contemplative walking and are thinking of going on a pilgrimage, why not join the Camino Ignaciano in Spain this September? Jesuit Communications Foundation (JesCom), the media arm of the Philippine province of the Society of Jesus, invites travel enthusiasts to join Camino Ignaciano, a pilgrimage that traces the journey taken by St. […]

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One Fine Day in Rome

We almost didn’t make it, my team and I.  We received our Schengen Visa just two days before our scheduled flight, and our plane tickets mere hours before takeoff.  Everything, it seemed, was against our going to Rome to cover the historic canonization of the country’s second saint, San Pedro Calungsod.  But with his intercession, […]

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