*This is an advertorial.   A quick post to say hello from Barcelona! Ernestine and I arrived yesterday in this lovely city! We’re here for another round of location hunting and audtitions for JesCom’s “Ignacio: the First Jesuit”. From Barcelona, we will travel to Loyola and Pamplona in the next few days. I promise to […]

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On a Road Trip in Spain

I can’t begin to describe to you just how tired I am. Since touching down in Barcelona two days ago, my team and I haven’t stopped walking. Okay, that just sounds silly. Of course we have stopped walking for meals and for sleep. But it FEELS as if we have been perpetually putting one foot […]

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An Afternoon in Montserrat

Montserrat is a Catalan word which means “serrated mountain”. It pertains to the unique rock formation of the mountain chain near Barcelona, Spain. While in Barcelona,   I was lucky enough to visit the Our Lady of Montserrat Basilica which is nestled among these beautiful formations. The Basilica was built and is still maintained by Benedictine […]

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