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On a Road Trip in Spain

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I can’t begin to describe to you just how tired I am. Since touching down in Barcelona two days ago, my team and I haven’t stopped walking.

Okay, that just sounds silly. Of course we have stopped walking for meals and for sleep. But it FEELS as if we have been perpetually putting one foot in front of the other since we arrived. We are here to scout for locations for a film project and that takes precedence over everything else (including rest haha).

Spain is such a beautiful country.  Barcelona, in particular,  is a city full of energy. Its walls and streets tell so many colourful stories.  It’s difficult to come here and just pass through.  I think that’s the hardest part about travelling for work. You won’t have time to absorb everything because you have to go from one location to the next almost constantly. People say “you’re so lucky you’re there,” to which I say “you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Yesterday, we left Barcelona and drove to Besalú, a beautiful medieval town in Girona.

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Days before the trip, I anguished over whether or not I should bring my DSLR knowing that we were going to be on the road a lot and lugging around heavy bags and suitcases would only strain my back. Ultimately, my back won the argument and now, for the first time, I’m in Europe without a decent camera.  I figured I’d just use my iPhone (4) and iPad and see where that would take me. Arriving in Besalú yesterday, I felt so naked.  Without my gear,  I knew it was impossible to capture the beauty of the picture-perfect village. But here are my photos anyway, taken for posterity more than anything else. I promise to come up with a better write-up later,  after I’ve recovered some  strength in my limbs.


Besalu PinayTraveller

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Read more about Besalu here.  You can also follow me on Instagram for updates on my road trip.

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  2. Beautifuuul shots, even without the SLR! Sometimes, it’s all about the subject 🙂 The second to the last photo’s my fave!

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Thank you, Gaye! I’m glad my photos turned out the way they did! 🙂

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