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Staying in Bangkok on a Budget

This guest post from Carley Hollis comes at the most opportune time. I am off to a Thai adventure in June and her tips are very helpful. Money doesn’t buy experience, and some of Bangkok’s most memorable moments can be enjoyed on a budget. The premier tourist destination in Thailand is The Grand Palace, and […]

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Where in the World is Andrew McCarthy?

Who would have thought that the actor who played rich boy Blane in Pretty in Pink (who, sadly, was actually prettier than Molly Ringwald)  grew up to be a writer? And a travel writer at that!  Certainly not me.  But yes, there is hope yet for pretty boys. Andrew McCarthy—80s heart-throb, object of every teenage […]

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About Pinay Traveller

  Hello! Welcome to Pinay Traveller! My name is Pauline. I am an all-around media person by day and a traveller for life. I originally created this blog to document my trips and file important details such as travel information, (personal) hotel ratings and such. It’s also my virtual travel photo album. But for the […]

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