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A Pinay Traveller in Vietnam

*PT Note: Another funny article from my friend Divine Love Salvador. I’m re-posting it here, but for more of her culinary adventures, visit her blog at Bogchi ni Bochog.   BIKES, BEEF SOUP, AND THE BALINGKINITAN RATIO: Ho Chi Minh and the Concept of Scale   In Vietnam, balingkinitan seems to be the norm. In […]

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Manila | Philippines

Daytripper: Booksale

Over the holiday break, I had a chance to go around the city and hang out in some of my favorite places.  One of these is Booksale in SM North. Booksale is one of the few places in Manila where your 100 bucks can go a long way. The book selection in Booksale is also […]

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Gear and Packing

Holiday Fitness

Unless you’ve decided to lock yourself up in your hotel room and watch the Travel and Living Channel (believe me, I have friends who do this), you should really make an effort to get on your feet and explore your surroundings when you’re on holiday. Of course, this is no easy task especially if you’re […]

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Guest Pinay Traveller: Bochog

PT Note:  The following is an essay written by my friend, fellow pinay traveller Divine Love Salvador.  If you want to read more of her hilarious and sumptuous adventures, you can visit her blog at  Bogchi ni Bochog [] BIG AS A BOULDER, LIGHT AS A FEATHER By Bochog Husgado. From the root Tagalog word, […]

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