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Barcelona’s Christmas Street

This day last year, I was taking a walk along Calle Sant Sever in Barcelona when I chanced upon these wonderful stalls selling Christmas decors. I am embarrassed to admit that it was the first time I have ever seen Christmas decors made from real and fresh (read: not plastic) pine leaves, branches, twigs and berries! I was so… merry! 🙂 We just don’t get these things in tropical Pilipinas.

These stalls were right next to the Barcelona Cathedral.

I don’t know exactly what these were but they’re awfully cute.

I wish I can make a wreath from fresh materials. This is just gorgeous!  And fragrant, too!

I wanted to take home some of these berries. I wonder what they’re called…

Although I had a lot of trouble with my footwear when I was in Barcelona, walking past these beautiful stalls really took my mind off my sore feet. Being awed by new sights and sounds is one of the best aspects of travel as I forget my physical discomfort or tiredness, everything is just too interesting to stay in a bad mood for long! But note to self: buy some more sensible shoes for the next trip. Next time I am in Spain I might even be able to do something like this though not at Christmas time.





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