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“These are not Shoes.”

So declares the tag attached to each pair of Sanuk, the sandal-shoe hybrid made by a company from Cardiff by the Sea, California. Sanuk means ‘pursuit of happiness’ in Thai. It was founded by Jeff Kelley, a Southern California surfer, 9 years ago. Rather than play slots online or just hang out and chill like other surfers, Kelley spent considerable time developing and perfecting his sandals. And although they only have six people in the company, it has now become one of the biggest surf brands in the world.

even my friends love sanuk
even my friends love sanuk

So what’s with the sandal-shoe hybrid thing?


Well, it’s actually based on the philosophy of “Barefoot Un-technology”.   They argue that the more hi-tech the shoes are, the weaker the foot gets resulting in more injuries that could extend to the knees and lower back. That’s why they equip each pair of Sanuk with the patented sandal bottom to allow the foot to bend and flex the way that nature designed you to walk. With these sandal-shoe hybrids, “the loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly” by mimicking the natural function of the foot.

The Road Test

I first saw Sanuk on the pages of Surf magazines a few years back. But it was only recently when I finally bought my first pair—the Sidewalk Surfers Plain Janes.

sanuk1So far, Sanuk lives up to its promise.  Walking around in a pair does not only give me instant ‘chic-ness’,  I can also say it’s one of the most comfy pairs of shoes, err sandals, I own. I didn’t have to break-in my Plain Janes.  It was fit and comfort at first wear. It was, as advertised, like wearing your most comfy slippers.  And because it’s so light, it’s almost like walking around barefoot. I was just so happy with my Sanuks that it almost felt like winning at an online craps game.The best part is, Sanuk sandals are the perfect travel footwear because they’re so lightweight and thus, easy to pack and stash in your bag. They also dry quickly so you can use them whether you’re out in the beach or exploring the city.

Don’t mind the relatively steep price.  Sanuk sandals are well worth the investment.

Rating:  5 out of 5

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  1. Sis, nagbalak akong bumili ng sanuk 2 months ago kasi na-cute-an ako sa mga pictures sa website niya. E nung makita ko yung itsura sa totoong buhay (hehe, I love this phrase, “sa totoong buhay”, it’s so 80s!)… parang na-bornot ako. But now that I’ve read your review, nabubuhayan uli ng loob ang mga paa ko… Kaso, parang wala dito yung style na gusto ko, yung Basketcase. Cute yon, e. Pag ako di nakabili ng Sanuk, Birks uli. Tagal ko nang di bumibili non. I’m due another pair. Magsulat ka nga tungkol sa Birks. Mang-utos ba?

    1. polmangilog says:

      Haha! Sure! Ire-review ko ‘yung Birks ko na in fairness ay di pa nalalaspag kahit ano’ng gawin ko. Re: Sanuk, huwag kang mabornot. Cute siya talaga. Nasa nagsusuot lang ‘yan hehe… There’s a local brand na parang Sanuk, gawa ng mga local surfer dudes. Looks interesting. Gusto ko ngang i-check out eh. Tsaka mura lang, di kagaya nitong Sanuk na medyo OA sa presyo. Hmp.

  2. Nakita ko yung parang sanuk na local. Meron silang stall sa Trinoma! Nalimutan ko ang pangalan. Basta may dalawang nagbabantay na itsurang stereotype ng surfer dude. Haha! Hindi ko pa lang na-check out, kasi parang gusto ko na for my first buy e yung orig muna. Hehe. But so true, exxagg din ang presyo ng sanuk. Hahanap talaga ako ng basketcase na style. Oist, did you know that there is such a thing as Crocs overruns?! They’re awesome ’cause they’re cheap but still Crocs. Hehe. My sister got me a purple pair of the Mary Jane style.

    1. polmangilog says:

      Yup! They’re on sale now, 50% off. Was tempted to buy, buti na lang wala yung size ko hehe…

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