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Getting Around QC: Riding the COMET


I had a very pleasant time riding the COMET this morning.  No, not that comet. 🙂



COMET-ateneo//photo grabbed from Get Philippines’ Facebook page


The COMET or City Optimized Managed Electric Transport is an e-vehicle designed as an alternative to the various modes of transportation in Metro Manila, particularly the jeepney. GET Philippines, the company behind the COMET,  has been giving free rides for  the past couple of weeks now for its SM North-Katipunan route in preparation for its regular run beginning October 10, 2014.

I drive to work daily from Fairview to Katipunan.  That’s about 90 minutes a day of suffering through horrible traffic. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  And things have turned for the worse when those traffic lights were installed along the major intersections in Katipunan.  So just when I was about to totally give up on Manila and head for the boondocks, here comes the COMET!  I will not deny I did a little dance of joy when I learned that it was going to ply the SM North-Katipunan route. Because although I’d have to go to the Luzon/Talipapa stop (the nearest stop to my house), it will make commuting much easier for me. Hurray!

So far, I’ve taken the COMET thrice. And I like.



PinayTraveller_COMET3//every COMET has two personnel, a driver (of course!) and a conductor




Aside from being environment-friendly and virtually noiseless, what I love about the COMET is that it uses a cashless fare system.  Instead of paying with money (P8.50 for the first 4 kilometers), passengers must have the GET Card to tap in and out of the COMET. They can load these cards with 20, 100 and up to 1,000 pesos worth of fare. So far, I learned that the loading station is only in the SM North terminal but they will be opening other loading stations soon.


PinayTraveller_COMET2 //the maximum capacity for each COMET is 20 passengers


The drivers are also very strict, with passengers getting on and off only at designated stops and not staying too long at each stop to wait for passengers. Oh, and no to overloading, too!


Here’s the route:

Southbound from SM North EDSA Terminal

  1. Road 3
  2. Congressional Avenue cor Mindanao Avenue
  3. Northridge Plaza
  4. Congressional Ave cor Visayas
  5. Congressional Ave cor Tandang Sora
  6. UP Professors Subdivision
  7. Tierra Pura
  8. Talipapa
  9. Capitol Hills Drive
  10. Magsasay Ave/UP GT Toyota Gate
  11. Quirino Ave/UP Narra Gate
  12. J Escaler St/Elizabeth Hall Building
  13. Loyola Heights Brgy Hall/Regis Building
  14. Ateneo Gate 2 Overpass

Last stop:  LRT Katipunan Terminal

Northbound from LRT Katipunan

Start: LRT Katipunan Terminal

  1. Ateneo Gate 2 Overpass
  2. Miriam College
  3. UP Town Center
  4. Balara Jeepney Station/LWUA
  5. MWSS (Maynilad Water)
  6. Capitol Hills Drive
  7. Talipapa
  8. Mira Nilla Subdivision
  9. Tierra Verde
  10. Congressional Avenue cor Tandang Sora
  11. Congressional Avenue cor Visayas Avenue
  12. Circle C/Cherry Fooderama
  13. Puregold Mindanao Avenue/BJMP
  14. Road 16

Last stop:  SM North EDSA Terminal



Traffic along Katipunan may not be lessened just yet. But me riding the COMET means there’s one less vehicle on the road. And that’s already a good thing, right?


For more information about riding the COMET, check out their website here. Rides are free until tomorrow, October 9, 2014.



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  1. Novbah Somorostro says:

    Dadaan po siya mismo sa u.p town center po? From sm north edsa?

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Yes, pero parang wala na siya. Not very sure 🙁

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