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London Apartment Calling

We’ve been attempting to heed London’s call since my sister-in-law Dean got married more than five years ago and moved to that part of the world.  But the few chances that we had were slim to begin with, what with Ignacio always getting in the way. 😉


This year seems more promising, though. We are in the last stages of our post-prod and it looks like there might be a chance to go this summer. And 2016 seems to be the perfect year to go since London is celebrating the Punk London Festival!




So to start our London ball rolling, I did my UK checklist of places to visit and pubs to order a pint in. Of course, it’s important to book accommodations ahead of time as well. So my search led me to where I found this amazing London apartment.




I was attracted to this semi-detached vacation home because of its location which is near Notting Hill Gate and Portobello Road Market. Plus it looks so well-designed!







I’m so tempted to book this now via Shopback so I can get instant discount. You see, Shopback pays you to shop; as in you get instant rebate when you book something. Rates depend on the store. For, the discount is 400 pesos. Booking is also hassle-free. Just go to their website, click on the merchant store you want, make a purchase and wait for your rebate which you can withdraw via your bank account or PayPal.


Meanwhile, here are more photos of our future London accommodations. All I need now is to book our tickets. 😉 London is calling!

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