Solo Travel for Women on the Rise

When I started travelling solo some 25 years ago, it was still uncommon to see a woman on her own. Men would leer at me and ask me uncomfortable questions just because I was alone. Once, on a 4-day bus trip from Manila to Davao, I was left behind by my bus during a stopover  in Tacloban, taking my backpack and all my stuff with it. I was able to catch up  three hours later, just before it boarded the ferry that would take us to Davao. Relieved,  I stepped into the bus only to be asked by the conductor “Miss, umiyak ka?”  (Miss, did you cry?”)  I wanted to punch him right in the face. Remind me to tell you all about that epic trip one of these days.

Women today have it a lot easier, what with more ways to travel and MUCH cheaper fares. There’s also a better acceptance of independent women on the road.  No wonder there’s a rise in solo women travellers around the world.  Take a look at this very interesting infographic. Based on the Global Travel Intention Study done in 2015, the infographic shows the global trend when it comes to solo travel for women. Are you one of the wander-women?




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