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The Beauty of the Philippines in Video

It’s always a treat to see my country through the eyes of foreign visitors. I needed to see this video today, especially now that everyone seems divided over the national elections. I needed a reminder of how beautiful my country is and how absolutely lucky I am to be living here right at this moment (even if there are days when I just want to fly off haha).

Filmmaker Fabio Reitano, who shot this video using DSLRs, GoPro and smart phones, has this to say about the beauty of the Philippines:

“Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking paradise landscapes, all make the Philippines simply unforgettable.  Incredibly deep culture and traditions, amazing food, and the warmest people you’ll ever meet, are the reasons you’re gonna want to come back.

Strolling around Manila or Cebu city, living in some remote North Luzon villages, travelling across Leyte and Samar, was as intense as laying on some secluded heavenly beach in Palawan, as chasing waterfalls in Mindanao, as climbing volcanoes in Mindoro and Albay. Leaving has never been so tough.”

Wow Tapes: Philippines from WowTapes on Vimeo.

Visit Fabio’s website here.

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  1. Mary says:

    I just love spending time Philippines. It is one of the best places on the list that i have travelled. You made a great video which shows the colours of the Philippines. Thanks for sharing, it’s like i recalled the days that i spent there and soon i will plan a trip!

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