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Celebrate World Tapas Day!


The 2nd edition of the World Tapas Day is coming to Manila! Mark your calendar on the 16th of June and celebrate with 20 countries around the world!

Before I continue, here are photos of actual tapas we gobbled up in a bar in San Sebastian last year (okay, pintxos since we were in the north). Aren’t they just deliciously beautiful?

Tapas are miniature culinary delights that are usually taken with beer, wine or cider. It can be served hot or cold, some are served on toast, in terrines, and many locals have their own “house specialties”. They are served in a wide variety of presentations, ranging from the most basic with a cocktail stick or to the most sophisticated presentations with several garnishes and sauces to give character. These include potato omelettes, Iberian ham on top of a bread, chorizo or sausages, black pudding, assorted smoked foods, cheeses, croquettes and other hundred varieties to choose from.

Eating tapas enables you to sample different selections of local dishes in each region of Spain. It is a way for everyone to experience Spanish culture and savor the charms of each of its cities.

Celebrate the World Tapas Day by visiting twelve participating Spanish Restaurants. From June 10 -16, The Alba Restaurante Español, Arrozeria, Casa Armas, Cirkulo, Las Flores, Montadiitos y Mas, Rambla, Pintxos, Tapella, Terry´s Bistro, The Black Pig and Vask – have all prepared a special tapas menu for you to enjoy.


Do you have your own tapa creation to share? Keep the creative palate flowing and send Spain Tourism Board a photo of yourself and a Spanish tapa uniquely created by YOU. Spain on your plate! Just follow these three easy steps and get the chance to win a dining voucher for two in one of our participating Spanish Restaurants:

  1. Snap a selfie with a plate of your own version of tapas and upload it on Instagram.
  2. Don´t forget to add the following hashtags: #worldtapasdayMNL2016, #spainonyourplate and #visitspain
  3. Contest will run from June 10 -16.

Visit to learn more about tapas and its worldwide celebration.

About the Spain Tourism Board

The Spain Tourism Board is responsible for promoting and marketing Spain within the Southeast Asian, Australian and New Zealand markets respectively. Spain Tourism Board also organizes travel trade and consumer events and promotions to highlight certain aspects of the country and encourage tourism as well as working with the Autonomous Regions of Spain, local entities and the private sector in achieving this aim.

For media enquiries/images, please contact:

Ms. Chet Francisco

T: +65 6737 3008


*Photos of the delicious tapas taken by Paolo Dy.

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