Pinaytraveller Planning and Daydreams

My Creative Space

This is my writing and dreaming space.  It’s also where I dump all the souvenirs I bring home from my travels.:)

The apple green wall is meant to keep me awake. 😉

The painting above the table is by my cousin Pet, and the collage is by my good friend Jazel Kristin who recently had her artist residency in Paris.

A Damasquinado de Oro piece depicting Don Quixote from Toledo, Spain.

The typewriter is a Halda, the world’s first portable typewriter. Ernest Hemingway typed his masterpieces using his. Found mine in Quiapo. The set of keys is from a quaint little shop in Estoril, Portugal.

As you can probably see, I love Dwell magazine.

The Kodak instamatic camera is a relic from my childhood. I have posed for this camera countless times.

A repository for lost numbers.

The forever chic Isabel Preysler adorns my board.

I know about a hundred Portuguese words already. I just don’t know how to put them together. Haha.

The brick Buddha is sitting on is from a construction site in Vietnam. I stole it while noone was looking. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.

There’s talk about going to Paris in August this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

My weapon of choice.  I call her Branca.

This is my writing and daydreaming space. What do you think? Why not share yours?

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