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Enjoying the Nightlife in Manila

Manila boasts of some of the best night clubs in the whole of Asia! So, if you love dancing the night away and simply enjoy bar-hopping, this is the place to be at. Manila nightlife is sure to keep you captivated, and you can enjoy the vibrant city to your heart’s content. Go ahead and book Coron to Manila flights online and plan a trip to Manila rich away.

Photo by JC Gellidon

The capital of Philippines’ carries a multicultural influence and has plenty to offer. There are much more night clubs here than any other city of Philippine. Hundreds and thousands of nightlife lovers arrive here, once they have booked their flights using the cheap jetstar promo offers. So, get ready to go partying late at night, and all you need to know are the hottest bars and swankiest nightclubs to go to while in Manila.

Z Hostel – located in Makati
 Z hostel indeed carries the reputation for being one of the best bars in Metro Manila. In fact, you will come across some of the best nightlife here, and the great thing about this spot is that it boasts of its own rooftop bar. So, enjoy your drink here as well as feast your eyes on some amazing views of Manila skyline. Watch an awesome city sunset as you meet new friends and mingle with them.

Valkyrie – located in Makati
 Valkyrie is another hot spot when it comes to nightlife in Manila. What makes this nightclub unique is that it is one of the biggest in the city with two floors. While the ground floor has DJ stage with numerous tables, the second floor has more VIP tables. Valkyrie is always full and packed, and it is indeed one of the most exclusive clubs that create a great experience.

Chaos Club – located in City of Dreams
 Chaos Club is the right mix of modern and still be a low key. It is habited mostly by locals, and it is best to go there with a local friend. Just be mindful as the club is known to change its opening hours frequently. It is a perfect place to hang-out and is a favorite with locals.

Manila by night by Ramon Kagie

 Pura Vida – located in Makati
 Another popular venue for nightlife in Makati is Pura Vida, and the name means pure life. The bar indeed lives up to its name, and here you can enjoy delicious food and great drinks within a relaxed ambiance. It is an excellent spot for socializing and enjoying authentic Costa Rican dishes as well as a refreshing beer with friends.

Black Market- located in B-Side Manila
 Black Market looks like an industrial warehouse and focuses on a different kind of underground music. Get ready to groove on amazing music every time you are here and enjoy a unique nightlife in Manila. This is indeed one of the best bars in Manila where you can have loads of fun and drinks.

Photo by Eugenio Pastoral

Gramercy- located in Makati
Gramercy located on Gramercy Residences 71st floor is one of the highest night clubs in Manila. Look forward to an unforgettable experience here. Enjoy the lounge, scotch bar, and restaurant as well as some breathtaking views of the Makati skyline.

Bunk 5021 Hostel- located in Makati
 If you are looking for top-notch Filipino food and budget-friendly drinks, well you are sure to find them here in Bunk 5021 Hostel. Enjoy mouth-watering local foods and wash them down with local beer. The neon signs of the bar and its glitzy interiors are sure to dazzle you. It is no wonder to find Bunk 5021 Hostel a hit with the locals as well as the tourists.

How about you? Any recommendations? Write about it on the comments section below.

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