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Offt-travel: The Story of Good Food

Last weekend, a friend asked me to become a stakeholder of Good Food Co.  Good Food Co. is a very interesting initiative and I feel that it deserves attention.  It’s based on the concept of community shared agriculture.  In their words:

Community Shared Agriculture is a system that helps build relationships between the farmers and shareholders that mutually empowers them. By pledging to support the farm operations for an entire season, households receive regular, fresh, organic shares of the harvest and farmers are provided the security (or assurance) of a stable demand. More than economics, this program aims to connect shareholders with the farmers themselves in growing a sustainable planet through good food and good company.

How does it work?

When you buy a share, you receive a weekly basket of fresh, seasonal, organic produce from your designated Good Food Co. friend for 12 weeks. Delivery arrangements can be discussed with your new friend. We will include an occasional newsletter with information on each month’s harvest, tips, updates on the farm and relevant sustainable living topics. You will also be invited to join regular farm trips to get to know the people who grow your food and learn first-hand about issues surrounding the land—health, economics, environment and sustainability.

Here’s a cute little video ilustrating how the whole scheme works:

To learn more about Good Food Co., visit them here.  Or you may e-mail them at

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