Daytripper: Booksale

Over the holiday break, I had a chance to go around the city and hang out in some of my favorite places.  One of these is Booksale in SM North. Booksale is one of the few places in Manila where your 100 bucks can go a long way.

The book selection in Booksale is also wide and varied. And the weirder the title, the cheaper they get (and the more appealing to me)! I almost bought these…


a book on duct tape for 10 bucks?! what a bargain!
but first, the french lessons
but first, the french lessons
innocent-looking cover
innocent-looking cover featuring an adorable pooch
nasty dog!

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  1. polmangilog says:

    note: all fotos taken using a motorola z5 -PT

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