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  1. Pol!!! I heard from Peejo! I’m so excited for you!!! 🙂 This is Mabel, btw, hehe. I just opened a wordpress blog of my own just because there’s so much about Japan I wanted to write about beyond the Smile and Yummy stories. Well, it will likely be about other things besides Japan but for now yun muna. (PS, hope it’s okay if I put your blog on my blogroll, para easy access hehe)

    1. polmangilog says:

      mabell!!! yup, i have so many questions! will email you one of these days. will also check out your blog. which reminds me, can i still re-post your japan article here? will put you on my blogroll, too!:)

      1. sure you can! i actually have an extra Smile issue for you but since you need the actual text, hehe, sorry i haven’t gotten around to unearthing it from my files. will do so this week 🙂 (btw, is it okay if I give your name to my Smile editors, they’re looking for more writers/travelers. baka you can pitch an Osaka story…let’s email each other na lang. hehe)

  2. polmangilog says:

    Sure! For now, I’m only going to Tokyo (I think NHK will fly me via JAL). Is that ok? Sige will email you.:)

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