Spain Travel Journal

On the Road… Spanish Countryside

june, 2008
day 14
on the way to san sebastian, spain

flowers everywhere!

in the fields, in between great boulders of rock, at the foot of roadsigns between busy intersections.

flowers everywhere!

growing on the backrest of a chair carelessly left to rot by the roadside, triumphantly creeping over the walls of abandoned cottages, or simply, happily, nestling in their terracotta pots, patiently waiting for their daily dose of sunshine…

flowers everywhere!

in vibrant hues… vast expanse of land covered in gold, hillsides dripping with scarlet blooms

sometimes i am caught by surprise as fiery orange ones burn brightly beside fragrant lavender bushes, their faces to the sun.

and in between, tiny white angel’s breath swaying peacefully with the breeze, as if suspended in eternal sleep.

*a note written on a scrap of paper, found among my travel trash, almost tossed into the trash bin

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