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want to experiment?
want to experiment?

If you’re the type of traveller who would forego the usual tourist guidebook fare in favor of new (and experimental) ways to travel, then visit this really cool site– Lonely Planet’s EXPERIMENTAL TRAVEL.  The site is chockful of tips and information on how to travel the unusual way. I love the quizzes and the artwork. Download their cool and FREE screen saver! Or simply try out one of their experiments. A sample experiment reads: “Take a suburban train out of the city and travel to the end of the line. If no train is available, choose another form of transport. If possible, find accommodation to stay the night and explore the area that you find yourself in.” I have done this in the past, but instead of a train, i rode a bus and waited for it to stop three days later. But that’s another story. (*post lifted from my old travel blog)

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