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Taming the Frizz and other Emergencies on the Road

Ladies, when we’re out on the road, anything can happen. Beauty and fashion emergencies come up at any point in one’s travel. This often frustrates even the most organized of us so here are a few fool-proof tips on how to deal with emergencies on the road.

Emergency:  The Frizz

photo credit: Yorick on Flickr


When your hair seems to have a life of its own due to humidity, and you look like you just came out of a Science Museum, the best way to tame your tresses is to use cuticle coat.

Remedy: Although there are a lot of leave-on conditioners in the market now, I find that these just weigh my hair down and sometimes even produce flakes. For a quick fix,  I use hair serum like Vitress hair cuticle coat. Works all the time.

Emergency: 3-day Shadow So you forgot your razor or your tweezers and the last time you shaved your pits was 3 days ago. When you checked in the shower, the little nasties are slowly inching their way out and threatening to ruin your social life. The drugstore is too far and you absolutely have to go out. So what do you do?

Remedy: That’s what shawls are for, silly. If you’ve used up all your tops with sleeves, just drape a shawl around your shoulders and never let go. And what if it’s hot? Well… that’s another problem.:)

Emergency: Super dry skin

If you can write your name on your arm by just using a fingernail, then boy, your skin is definitely dry. (THAT Camay commercial in the 80s was right!)

Remedy: It’s a bit pricey but L’Occitane Hand Cream does the trick for me. Its lavender scent is also very soothing and relieves travel stress.

Emergency: Dandruff

A lot of people (men and women alike) are not able to adjust easily to drastic drops in temperature. Cold weather makes the skin and scalp dry and this results in shedding.

Remedy: As you probably know, I am a big fan of masking tape. So if you don’t have lint remover with you, masking tape can do the trick.  Use strips of masking tape to lift dandruff off your scalp and your clothes.

Emergency: Blisters



Having blisters is a common occurrence among travellers, especially those who love to take long walks.

Prevention: Slather on petroleum jelly on potential problem areas such as heels and small toes before setting out for the day to reduce friction between your socks/shoes and your feet.

Remedy: If you already have blisters, well, only plastic strips will make walking less painful.

Emergency: Headache / Tension

photo credit: Headache by The Doctr


Headaches are not uncommon when travelling. Sometimes this is caused by change in altitude, motion sickness or stress.

Remedy: There are other ways to treat a headache aside from popping a pill. My ever-reliable all-ache solution is an ointment called No Pain from GIGA. Just dabbing a little on my temple (not too much ’cause it stings), wrists and shoulders guarantees instant relief.

Emergency: Puffy Eyes

photo credit: Anna Cervova



Remedy: Wrap ice in washcloth and put over your eyes to reduce puffiness. If there’s no ice, dipping the washcloth in (cold) water will do the trick.



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