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Sun Protection on the Road

Ultraviolet Rays are an expected ‘bonus’ when one travels. And now that the summer season is almost in full force (at least this side of the world), expect UV Rays to be especially harsh this year due to climate change.

A little UV Ray is naturally good for us as it helps produce Vitamin D which in turn strengthens our bones. But as we all know, too much may cause severe sunburn, wrinkles, eye damage and of course, cancer.


Dermatologists recommend protecting your skin by using sunblock of at least SPF15. But you can also use clothing with built in sun protection like the Omni Shade line of Columbia Sportswear. Like sunblock, the Omni Shade line has Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ranging from UPF15-50+.

My bush shirts from Columbia

While on the road, a lot of travellers forget about their nape and their neck. Be sure to bring along a scarf or a bush hat to protect these neglected areas.


A lot of people consider sunglasses as just stylish accessories to complete their wardrobe. But more than that, sunglasses are meant to reduce the light that gets to our eyes and filter out UV Rays that can damage our vision.

my choice, the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ideally, sunglasses should block off 99-100% of UV rays. So when buying a pair, make sure that your sunglasses have UV protection UV400. If you’re looking for sunglasses, check out Mister Spex. They have a listing of all sunglasses imaginable. And the cool thing is, you can actually upload your photo so that you can try on the glasses virtually. It’s pretty neat.

So take it easy on the sunbathing, okay?  Even if you’re as naturaly dark as I am, you will still need protection. After all,  prevention is always better than the cure.  Read more about protecting yourself from UV Rays here.

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