Puerto Princesa, Here I Come!

I have been praying for a chance to go to the beach since the beginning of April.  (You can read me whine about it here.) And after being buried in work four weeks prior to Holy Week,  the perfect opportunity finally landed on my lap.  Last week, a friend called, asking me to do “something” for her (no need to elaborate here). So to make the long story short, I will be doing something for the first time this weekend… that is, to go to Puerto Princesa and, among other things, visit the Subterranean River!


Prayers do get answered! And like a child,  I am so excited I’m finding it harder and harder to sleep at night as the trip draws nearer. 🙂

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  1. Hello Ms.Pauline…

    I had a chance to visit The underground river and it was beautiful experience…

    Did you the Face of Jesus Christ?

  2. Im sorry Ms Pauline,

    What i mean is, did you see the Face of Jesus Christ? 🙂 (Peace)

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Hi Tripper,

      Yes I did! It was really something else. Our guide was very funny so kung anu-ano ang mga pinapakita niyang rock formation. Will be posting about it soon. By the way, cool website. Can I advertise there? Haha

      1. Our guide is funny too… Sa palagay ko po alam ko yung isa sa mga sinabi nya na nakakatawa… yung pobang mushroom na boy and girl? We want to laugh after he told us about that formation but we cant..( di daw po dapat maingay eh.. hehehe)

        Salamat po sa pagdalaw.. pwedi po,.. basta kayo… 🙂

        1. PinayTraveller says:

          Yes, tsaka yung gulay section haha. Yay! I will drop you an email soon! Thanks!

          1. Oo nga pala yung mga gulay hehehe…. at yung bacon.. 🙂

            Sige po salamat po… ganda po ng blog nyo… 🙂

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