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Marooned in my tiny office somewhere in Quezon City, I cannot help but fantasize about where I’d go if I were to win the Lotto. And since summer is just around the corner, the Mediterranean islands quickly come to mind–especially Italy’s Capri, Greece’s Santorini and Spain’s Mallorca.

Marina Picolla. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The beautiful island of Capri has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic and has become an island getaway for European  artists and writers in late 19th century.  Today, its clear, turquoise waters attract Hollywood celebrities as well.

A cove in Mallorca. Photo from Wikemedia Commons

It’s easy to see why the Spanish island,  Mallorca, is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations.  Aside from the beaches, there are also historical monuments scattered around the island just waiting to be explored– perfect for both beachcombers and history buffs.

And then there’s Santorini…

Just looking at the photos of this Greek island makes me want to go on permanent vacation. The image of those whitewashed houses set against the great big blue Aegean Sea is pure heaven.  I will definitely go to Santorini, Lotto win or not.

Of course, there are the lesser known islands.  One notable Mediterranean gem is Mallorca’s baby sister, Menorca.

North of Menorca, near Favarix Lighthouse. Photo credit: ssantastic@flickr

Menorca offers not only the usual island fare (you know..  sun, sea and sand).  It also boasts of enriching cultural events such as the ‘Festes de Sant Joan’, a traditional fiesta which lasts for three days and involves a sheep, black horses and a little jousting.

Photo credit: Menorca Blue (

For those thinking of staying in the island for a few weeks (like me 🙂 ), there is no shortage of villas to rent.

photo credit: ssantastic@flickr
Menorca looks magical even at night. Photo credit: mr. groka@flickr
Cala En Porter Beach. Photo credit: mr. groka@flickr

With the abundance of  pristine beaches, it would be a shame not to explore around these Mediterranean islands.  I read that the best way to do that is to take the taxi or rent a car or a boat.  In Capri, you can take the adorable convertible taxis

If you anticipate a long drive or a long day, renting  a car or a boat is a better option.  They say one can avail of a cheap car hire in Menorca  if one wishes to explore the island’s breath-taking scenery.   But keep in mind  that it is best to make your arrangements prior to your trip.

Before I go back to work, I think I will just spend a few more minutes staring at this image below.  Maybe if I stare at it long enough, I’ll find myself marooned in this beautiful island,  instead of  here in my tiny office in QC.

Binibiquer. Photo credit: Fields of View @flckr

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