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Pinay Traveller Recommends #13: 5 Reasons Why I Like Samsung Galaxy S3

I’m not really a techie kinda girl.  That is to say, I wouldn’t fall in line for hours to get the latest version of  the iPhone or Black Berry.  I  would usually  love my gadgets to death, never mind that they are outdated. But these days, I am beginning to feel the need for more hi-tech equipment, especially since I travel quite often.

Recently, I have been ‘forced’ to use a Samsung Galaxy Y which came free from my service provider.  It took me about a month to figure it out, always cursing under my breath whenever I’d use the touch screen keyboard.  But after discovering its many features, I’m slowly loving it and am even thinking of getting a bigger and more powerful phone. And since iPhone is ridiculously expensive, I’m setting my sights on the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

Going through several reviews about  the S3, I can see five reasons why it’s perfect for me:

1.  The 4.8″ screen 

My failing eyesight is in desperate need of a big mobile phone screen.  (Yes, I hate using my glasses.)

2.  Smart Stay

A new sensor tracks your eye movement so that the phone won’t go on standby mode, dim or lock itself as long as you’re looking at the screen.  Clever! And not only that.  Listen: “On a similar note, if you’re looking at a contact, or a message from a contact, the S3 automatically dials that person when you put the phone to your face. It’s one less button to press.” Isn’t that just the neatest thing you’ve ever heard? 

3.  Buddy Photo Share

This feature allows you to automatically share the pictures you’ve taken as long as the phone recognizes the faces on the pictures.

4.  The S-Beam

Want to transfer files quickly between two  devices? No problem!  Just let the two devices touch. It’s like that scene from E.T., only more hi-tech.

5.  Long battery life 

Because travelling entails being on the road for the most part of the day, long battery life is of utmost importance. The S3’s 2,100mAh battery can last up to 10 hours of talk time so that would give one a lot of leeway in between charging.

I guess the next step would be to find some great  Samsung galaxy s3 deals.  And yes, raise the money to buy that baby!


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