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End Hunger: Walk the World

A Call for Participants!

The UN World Food Programme “End Hunger…Walk the World” Isang Hakbang Pilipinas Walk Event registration is now open at R.O.X.
For your donation of just P 150.00 (costs less than your caramel macchiato venti 🙂 ) you get to help alleviate hunger in poverty and war-stricken areas in the Philippines.

Added bonus are: a cool event shirt, statement scarf (wear it wherever whenever however), certificate of donation and the fun you will have during the walk and oh not to mention the joy you’ll feel by sharing your blessings with others.

So spread the word and walk with us and invite as many people as you can.

Event is on June 07, 2009 at Rajah Sulayman, Roxas Blvd. Primer Group of Companies (distributor of Sanuk, Fitlflops, Columbia and owner of R.O.X.) is proud to sponsor this event along with Unilever, TNT, Activeasia and M20 Communications.

Registration will be accepted in all Sanuk stores soon!

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  1. Dyms says:


    me and my BFF are planning to join the hunger walk. do we need to register 1st thru any sanuk store or we could just go to roxas blvd on the same day (06/07/09) to register and join the walk?

    1. polmangilog says:

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by. According to Sanuk Phil;, the walk will start from 6am to 10am. Starting points: Baywalk (by the Mla Yacht Club) and Baywalk (by the US Emabssy). I think you can be there earlier (5:30) so you can register on site. If you can’t make it, you can donate online: But of course, better to do the actual walk. 🙂

  2. I too have some questions about the walk.

    1. Is it limited to humans (can dogs participate?)
    2. Do i have to be hungry? 🙂 (miss ya mare!)

  3. polmangilog says:

    Maribikbik!!! I don’t know about the dogs. Haha. You have to ask them that. As for being hungry… aren’t you hungry all the time?
    Mare, miss na rin kita! Thanks for dropping by! mwaaaah

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