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Pinay Traveller Recommends #14: La Maison Pujol

When I grow up and finally start writing my “novel”, I will go to the South of France just like Charlotte Rampling’s Sarah Morton in the film Swimming Pool. But instead of squatting in my publisher’s villa where I would probably end up getting involved in a murder mystery, I will stay in La Maison Pujol, a charming Bed and Breakfast in the beautiful town of Carcassonne.

La Maison Pujol was a provincial winery before it was converted into a B&B by French architect and designer Philippe Phi. The petite hotel has five bedrooms, all perfectly decorated with both rustic and modern furniture ranging from Eames to Jacobsen.  The hotel’s original structure as well as interiors were carefully restored to preserve its history.  The result, a delightful haven for future guests like moi.  At least this is what I imagine as I go through the photos below.


As long as Julie doesn’t show up, then I guess I’ll be okay. (Now,  go google Swimming Pool. Go!)

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