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Before we set out for Indonesia, I was thinking of blogging on the fly for once. So I brought along my trusty , 3-year-old white MacBook, Branca.

But lugging Branca around has proven to be difficult. At 2.27kg, she weighs almost a third of my hand-carry baggage allowance!  Not good for my bad back at all.

That’s why I’ve been contemplating on getting a slimmer and lighter laptop. The MacBook Air looks ridiculously good. At a little over 1kg, it is a scoliotic travel blogger’s dream machine.

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There are really nice PC laptops, too, but I still prefer Macs.  One reason is that it’s virus free.  For someone who earns her living as a writer, a virus-free computer is heaven-sent.

By the way, Mac users had quite a scare last April when news came out that Macs are not safe from viruses anymore. Apparently, 600,000 Macs were infected with a Trojan virus called “Flashback”.  Although not fatal, the pesky Trojan can compromise a Mac’s security. Apple came out with a fix and some companies have already tailor-made antivirus software for Mac.  Norton antivirus is one of them. Meanwhile, Apple is not saying anything.  But just last week, they changed the marketing message on their “Why you’lI love a Mac” webpage from “doesn’t get PC viruses” to “It’s built to be safe.”

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Hmmm… It’s almost like they’re admitting that the happy, virus-free days are over. Should I get worried? I suppose the best thing to do for now is to just read forums,  do more research and learn how to protect my laptop against those Trojans. And yeah, save up for that gorgeous-looking machine before my next trip comes up.




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