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Ibajay’s Market Day

Ibajay’s Market Day on Tuesdays is a big affair.  People from the municipality’s thirty five barangays flock to the Public Market to shop. From fresh produce to second hand clothes, the market is filled with various commodities sold by vendors from nearby towns. It’s really quite an experience to be in the middle of it all. I hope I’ve captured its  vibrance and colors in these photos.


Aklan Day 435 sm


2013 Aklan Day 706 sm


|Organic bell peppers and cucumbers sold by my mother’s suki

Aklan Day 432 sm

|I bought a rope hammock from this guy for 120 pesos!

Aklan Day 432 sm

Aklan Day 433 sm

Aklan Day 431

|Fresh catch from Aslum

2013 Aklan Day 703 sm

2013 Aklan Day 705 sm


|I wanted to ask this lady if I could please have a little of her orange spaghetti.

Aklan Day 434 sm

Aklan Day 428 sm

|The Aklanon version of the (Belgian) Waffle. I regret not buying this.

peanuts sm

|Fresh peanuts or homemade peanut butter?  Take your pick!

Aklan Day 431 sm

Aklan Day 429 sm


Next:  Goodbye for now, Aslum!



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  1. Love the photos and the daing looks so yummy, I’m craving it now!

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Thanks, Trina! It was really a day for photographing.:)

  2. […] These stalls reminded me of the stalls in my hometown in Ibajay. […]

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