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Pinay Traveller Recommends #21: Travel Essentials on Pinterest


It’s the end of the week and I’m sure most of us can’t wait to satisfy our wanderlust. I’m even willing to bet many have already started their weekend,  off to somewhere exotic (or even just remotely so). Well, for the rest of us stuck in the office till 5or6, here’s something to while away our time. As you know, it’s almost SUMMER on the other side of the globe and fashionista travellers are panicking over what outfits and gadgets to pack. I, for one, am so picky when it comes to travel essentials. But the following are some items I’d probably shell out my heard-earned cash for.  (I’ve sourced these from Pinterest but linked to their original sources.)

Monogrammed, um, stuff.

travel essentials monogram

I love everything in this collection, especially the linen cosmetic case with the brown saddle leather accent. And I’d probably soil my clothes deliberately so I can use those linen laundry bags.


Care for some khakis, my love?

beige travel essential

I suppose by now, you’ve noticed that I have a thing for neutral colors, particularly the cream-beige-khaki combo.  I love natural materials, too, so watch out,  Gorgeous-straw-handbag-with-leather-handles. I have my eyes on you!


laidback travel essentials

Wow, I will buy everything in this set (except , perhaps,  the hat and the lomo cam). I love the Philosopy travel set just because it says ‘happy travels’. And that Steele sling bag? It already has my name on it!


luxe travel essentials

I’m not so big on Fedoras but I can appreciate a very comfy cashmere travel set. The foldable shopping bag is also a great idea especially for shopping emergencies. Of course, the LV bag gives one instant glam but I’d rather use the money to buy a round-trip ticket to another destination.


Lifestyle of the Rich and Gorgeous.

monaco travel essentials



My great ambition in life is to retire at 45 and wear glorious tunics and wrap-around dresses all day.  This collection, in particular, is the first thing I’m going to spend my retirement lump sum on. And a trip to Monaco, of course.

How about you? What are you packing in your suitcase for your weekend jaunt?



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  1. Hahah what’s your size? We could exchange some clothes!:P I absolutely love everything about the khaki set

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Haha. Aside from the bag, I love the sandals. Time to get a pedicure!

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