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Pinay Traveller Recommends #22: What Travel Insurance Should You Get?

This guest post discusses one of the most important things in travelling:  insurance. You’ll never know what will happen on the road so it’s always good to have a safety net.




When you’re planning a holiday, one of the most important elements of your trip is booking the right level of travel insurance cover. There are many different types of travel insurance and a range of add-on services to enable you to tailor your cover to suit your holiday. However, most travel insurance policies fall into two categories – single trip and annual travel insurance.

 Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip policy is designed for people who rarely travel, and who are only looking for cover for one holiday. How long the cover lasts and what types of services are included will depend on the level of cover you choose, but you can easily find policies that provide cover for one trip that lasts the full year. Or, more basic policies may provide cover for a shorter time frame which is ideal if you’re just looking for low-cost cover for a quick jaunt to the beach.

Annual Travel Insurance

If you’re a frequent traveller who takes regular trips throughout the year, it would be well worth booking annual travel insurance cover. Again the level of cover will vary depending on the insurance provider and your preferences, but most annual policies provide cover for 12 months, with varying degrees of protection depending on what type of eventualities you want to be protected against. You’ll find more information online and a reputable tour operator is a great place to start. Check out Thomas Cook’s page on annual travel insurance, here.

Choosing travel insurance doesn’t have to be a long-winded process, particularly as many policies can now be booked online. But it is worth taking the time to research your insurance policy and ensure it covers everything that you need, as it could be a very welcome safety net should your holiday plans go a little awry.

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  1. Interesting! I couldn’t agree more, we always have to be cautious when we travel. Thanks for the ideas! 🙂

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