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Renewed and Rereshed: Images from Home


A weekend of no work and no internet.


Of waking to the sound of  lapping waves and the delicious smell of Nanay’s cooking. Of glorious sunrises and spectacular sunsets. Words cannot suffice, obviously,  so here are some images from back home.

PinayTraveller_Aslum_Beach//The beach is just a few meters behind our house.


PinayTraveller_Aslum_footnote1//taking a walk at the beach


PinayTraveller_Aslum8//beach finds


PinayTraveller_Aslum4//My mother’s cute garden entrance


PinayTraveller_Aslum3//tools for drying palay


PinayTraveller_Aslum2//some of the locals picking up firewood to sell to the public market






PinayTraveller_Aslum5//the view from my room


No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel

until he comes home and rests his head on his old,

familiar pillow.

— Lin Yutang




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  1. ganda pol…reminds of our own little town in ilocos…used to run around the chicken barn and collect all those little brown eggs, i also play hide and seek inside our clay barn where we dry tobacco leaves, then around 10 am, our aunt would bring me to the water well which has been there for more than hundred years, i always take a dip into the hand-curved stone batya, that was my first taste of bath tub…then we go to our small fish pond where sometimes we would catch small shrimps, the locals call them jumping salad, because after catching them, then washed they go straight to our plates still jumping, we’d dip it to sukang ilocos which we ferment right under our lola’s house. so much memories…we are so lucky that we have something like this to look back to…thanks for sharing Pol. It envoked childhood emotions when everything was just about imagination and freedom to run around..

    1. polmangilog says:

      Hey Jeng!

      Wow! You’re memories are so vivid! We all have our own special places that we always retreat to, no matter how old we are. Kahit sa isip lang natin, nakakatulong na balikan yung mga lugar ng kabataan natin. Thanks for sharing, too. Balik ka ha? 🙂

  2. Great composition! I super love this! Feels like home… =) Where is this in Aklan?

    1. polmangilog says:

      Hi there! Thank you! It’s in Aslum, a small fishing village in Ibajay (not far from Boracay). Happy travels! -PT

  3. I’ve linked you to my new site Pol! =) my new site:

    1. polmangilog says:

      hey gael, congrats! your own domain finally?:)

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