Green Gestures Plants a Tree for Pinay Traveller

Whenever I hear the term  ‘carbon emissions’, I automatically equate it with nasty black smoke expelled by cars and factories. But apparently, computers are also spewing  the dreaded CO2, albeit invisibly. In fact, the laptop I am using now is emitting 20 milligrams (0.0008 ounces) of CO2 as I type. OMG!

That is why Green Gestures, a large scale reforestation initiative in the US, in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation, has reached out to bloggers like me to help mitigate the long-term CO2 output of blogs all over the world. And how will they do this? By planting a tree for participating blogs in an American forest, of course! Isn’t that wonderful?

Photo by Floyd Wilde via Wikemedia Commons
Photo by Floyd Wilde via Wikemedia Commons

This means that they will plant a tree for Pinay Traveller to help reduce the long-term effects of its carbon footprint – for free! But how will this exactly help keep the air clean? Green Gesture says it best:

Using our modest absorption rate, the atmosphere can be relieved of an average of 11 lbs of CO2 each year by planting one tree.  The average blog is estimated to emit 8 lbs of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.  Consequently, planting a tree is a concrete step towards reducing the annual carbon footprint of a blog.  A tree lives for an average of 50 years, so one tree can help to compensate for the effects of your blog’s carbon emissions for half a century! 


Photo by Dorothy Lin via
Photo by Dorothy Lin via

If you, too, would like to make the blogosphere a greener place, why not make a green gesture now?  Head on to their website at Green Gestures and participate.  It’s green. It’s free. And it feels great!

Photo by Chloe Benko Priuer via

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