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Pinay Traveller Recommends #2

Hi everyone!  It’s the end of the week already and I promised myself not to blog over the weekend so  I can concentrate on my final exams.  But before I render myself incommunicado in the next two days,  here are a few things that you might find interesting.

Have a bit of inspiration and see the illustrations of my favorite fashion illustrator, Garance Dore.

Planning on eating out but not intending to splurge on the menu?  Take a look at resto promos here. (via

Check out the Vulcan Stove by French designer Arthur Senant.  He calls it Hell’s Machine but I say  it’s anything but.  (via

And finally, if you thought there’s no way Sanuk and animal print can come together, think again.  Ladies, check out Sanuk Serengeti.

Savor your weekend!

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