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Travel Find: Sculptural Piece from Samal

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog but I have some downtime now. So while waiting for my next shoot, I thought I’d just check in for a while and start a new category.

Whenever I travel, I make it a point to look for something that I can bring back home… not the usual touristy souvenir but the kind that represents and makes the particular area I’m visiting truly unforgettable. Over the years, I have accumulated quite a lot of these mementos– from paintings and artworks of local artists, to those cookie-cutter, souvenir-shop trinkets, and even quaint little items from the public markets. These items are not mere objects. They are personal treasures that allow me to look back on my travels and re-live the experience- wonderful or otherwise.

I begin this series with this beautiful 2-piece sculpture from a local artist in Samal Island, Philippines. I found it at the Samal Art Legacy, a workshop cum gallery for Samal artists. At first glance, the piece looks like it was carved from a single piece of stone.

But upon closer inspection, it is actually a sort of container where one can put in more treasures.

For more information on Samal Art Legacy or Samal Island, you can visit this blog.

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