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Where to Eat in Metro Manila: Marikina’s Rustic Mornings

Let me tell you about the wonderful breakfast I had recently in a charming little restaurant  called Rustic Mornings. I’ve seen photos of this restaurant  on my friends’ FB  feeds, uploaded by those who couldn’t get enough of their delicious food.  Those photos were enticing! But the real deal sealer was when my former teacher, Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ, described to me in mouth-watering detail the pulled pork sandwich that he claimed was the best he’s ever tasted this side of the Metro. I needed no further convincing after that as Fr. Rene is well-known for his discerning palate.

So off   to Marikina I went with The Hubby  and my mother-in-law. And to our surprise, we were promptly charmed by this quaint little gem of a restaurant.

Rustic Mornings Table Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings Pinay Traveller

Tucked away in a tiny street in Marikina, Isabelo’s Rustic Mornings feels more like a home than a restaurant. It even looks like our own house!

Rustic Mornings 12 Pinay Traveller 

All around, the owners have lovingly decorated the place with pieces that I assume are from their collection of mementos accumulated over the years.

Rustic Mornings 2 Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings 5 Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings 6 Pinay Traveller

Since we were having brunch, we ordered pancakes, coffee, Sausage Spaghetti, and of course, the famous BBQ Pulled Pork Crackling Sandwich.

Rustic Mornings 1 Pinay Traveller //The coffee was great!

Rustic Mornings 7 Pinay Traveller//The star of the show:  the famous BBQ Pulled Pork Crackling Sandwich

Rustic Mornings 9 Pinay Traveller//I loved the Sausage Spaghetti as well!

The day was getting a bit warm.  So it was a pleasant surprise when our waiter brought us special on-the-house treats— ice cold glasses of black gulaman! How thoughtful!

Rustic Mornings 10 Pinay Traveller//Black Gulaman– the perfect summer drink

Rustic Mornings 11 Pinay Traveller

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Hubby, who is usually picky when it comes to sandwiches, couldn’t stop raving about his Pulled Pork sandwich. As for me, I have to agree with Fr. Rene.  It is indeed the best Pulled Pork this side of the Metro!

Rustic Mornings 13 Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings 14 Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings 15 Pinay Traveller

Rustic Mornings 16 Pinay Traveller

I know we barely scratched the surface. There’s just so much more to eat.  So here’s to more rustic mornings ahead!


Rustic Mornings is open from Mondays-Sundays from 8am-4pm. Visit their website here.


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  1. Ooh, would love to try the pork sandwich! Sarap naman!

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Inge, panalo! It’s really yummy.:)

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