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Bagasbas Beach: My New Hideaway

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I almost missed summer!  I was away for so long and work was unrellenting when I got back and before I knew it, summer was almost over!  But I wasn’t going to give her up without a fight.  So I bullied urged The Hubby to take me to the beach. Or else…  😉

As we were weighing our options, Boracay was casually mentioned in one of our conversations.  But Boracay had lost its appeal to me long ago, when the crowds started pouring in dressed in their spanking new designer boardshorts and fashionable bikinis and Havaianas. What really gets me, though, are the ones who wear rash guards. Do you even know what rash guards are for?  But I digress.

I wanted a new hideaway, somewhere far from the madding crowd that is Manila, but near enough so that I don’t have to spend so much on airfare. (I mean, if I HAVE to spend on airfare, then why not just go home to Aklan, right?)  And then Hubby suggested that we go to Daet, one of the few DOT-accredited surfing areas in the Philippines. It was a perfect choice because it was just a few hours drive away from Manila. And so we drove to Naga then hopped into a van bound for Daet and 12 hours later, we were in Bagasbas Beach. I think it was pure luck that we arrived at the tail-end of summer, right after the peak season in April. Otherwise the surfer-crowd would have been too much.  But I can take the surfer-crowd anytime—at least those who genuinely go to the beach to catch waves, never mind that their boardshorts are too faded or their rash guards,  worn out.  In fact, they know exactly what rash guards are for and don’t wear them on fine, sunny days.

Hubby, a Bicolano (from Naga), had heard of Daet as a great beach destination. One of its beaches, Bagasbas, is famous for its waves. It is reportedly a surfer’s paradise in April,when the waves are said to be magnificent. But in May, the winds from the Pacific are tamer, and so the waves are a lot less, um, zealous.  Our surfer friend, Bjorn Pabon of FluidSurf, recommended that we check out Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel. And so we did and it didn’t disappoint.

We stayed in a blue container van that was converted into a hotel room. It had all the comforts of home–even a bathtub!  It also had a tiny veranda where we hung out, drank cheap rum and wine, ate dinner and marvelled at the spectacular sunsets. We slept late and woke up early. We headed for the beach in the mornings and got thrown around by the waves. I got my tan.  There was sand between my toes. I was a happy girl.

On our last day,  I watched a group of children chase each other on the beach without a care in the world. Then I thought  “My God!  Is this how life is meant to be lived?  Am I missing out on something?”  I felt a little sad, remembering the things I had  to do back at work. Still, I was grateful for this quick respite. And the thought of coming back to my new hideaway gave me reason to smile.


Found a place nothing’s ever there 
Made a little space big enough to pitch a tent a hideaway 
I hadn’t ever gone ’till I whacked my way under the overgrowth 
I found a place I found a place I found a place…
Found myself a breathing place 
Got room to stand up straight 
And if I wanna lay around 
I can find ways to pass the time 
Flat down or on my side and in a while I close my eyes.

You Can Take it with You / The Lemonheads / Evan Dando 

Read more about Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel  here.


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  1. Hey funnily enough I stumbled upon your blog and this post caught my eye, Bagasbas beach was my favourite beach when I was a girl, my mom and aunt use to take me there on weekends to watch the sunrise. So odd seeing the pics here, as Im sure it has changed a lot in 25 years! Really enjoyed looking at your photos. Thanks for the smile 🙂

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Hey Ria! Wow thanks so much for your e-mail. I’m really glad that these photos mad you smile. One thing I can say about Bagasbas, it’s not as commercial as Boracay or other beaches. And that’s a good thing! Let’s follow each other as I’m interested to follow your adventures, too!

  2. jing says:

    ang ganda! And I love your photos! ?

    1. PinayTraveller says:

      Awwww thanks, Jing!

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