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Third District Cafe: a new joint in town

If you’re in Quezon City and are looking for a good place to have coffee or breakfast, you might want to check out Third District Cafe. I was there recently with some friends and I was pleasantly surprised.

PinayTraveller thirddistrict mural//Just found out that the mural and signage were done by our friend, artist Buboy Canafranca.


To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations when I first visited the cafe. I just heard about it from some officemates and got curious.  It turns out that Third District is one of the so-called third wave coffee shops that are springing up in Metro Manila these days.  But what exactly is a third wave coffee shop?  Well according to ‘experts’, one word describes it best:  artisanal.

//150 bucks for cappuccino. Hmmm…

Apparently, these coffee shops put more effort in sourcing their coffee beans, roasting and grinding, and brewing. (I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s for another post.)   That is why their coffee costs a lot more!  In Third District’s case, their coffee comes from Forty Ninth Parallel Coffee Roasters, a well-known company in Canada that produces custom roasted coffee. So I have to hand it to them… my 150-peso cappuccino was actually pretty good.

//Artwork by Romeo Lee.

PinayTraveller thirddistict  wall copy


The cafe also has a great breakfast menu.  I had the Delimondo corned beef with fried rice which was nothing spectacular.  But the French Toast was quite good!  My friends also loved the gelato by Afters Manila.  I guess the big bonus for me is that you can enjoy your coffee in relative quiet. Still,  if you find the prices too steep, you can go to McCafe which is just around the corner. 😉

Third District Cafe is located in Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights, Katipunan, Quezon City.

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  1. I thought you meant 150 dollars for a cappuccino. I was thinking ‘that was expensive’. But then it was 150 peso.

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